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Kundalini Yoga is one of the most precious gifts to connect your individual self with your higher universal self. It is the yoga of consciousness and ecstasy, activating your self healing powers and raising the energies (kundalini forces) of your infinite being. It is a simple, very effective tool, to center and align your Self, to balance your chakras and live your full potential.


Each Kriya (specific set) contains rhythmic-dynamic as well as static asanas, combined with different breathing techniques (Pranayama). The synchronization lets you surrender into your heart’s creative being and source. Kundalini Yoga, when done continually, will guarantee you a happy, healthy, and holy life, trusting and diving deep into the magic of your god/goddess.




If you feel to nourish your temple, transform fear and anger into love and creativity, perceive your liberated spirit, open your heart to love and experience your sacred, happy, divine beauty after each session  join this Kundalini experience.

Beginning 3rd May 2023

Each Wednesday @ Waldherz
18:30 - 20:00 MET


Zoom Meeting ID 4656239579

"Happiness is your birthright." Y. B.

Information / Registration

+43 650 751 38 67


“Awakening into the God state makes all the perceptual limitations of the mind disappear, just like a bucket of muddy water turns crystal-clear once poured into the ocean.”



With Kundalini Yoga you can enjoy bathing in the water of love. This technique of yoga is a science and an experience in itself - each Kriya (a certain set of rhythmic-dynamic / static postures, pranayamas, sound & meditation) stands for itself and leads to active work on yourself. It neutralizes your body, your mind, and guides you to your soul's heart mission.


In this course, we work on the 8 chakras, the 10 bodies, the 3 nadis and the 5 tattvas (elements). Your energies will be balanced and strengthened on all levels. You free yourself from blockages and can act from your center in any situation and open your heart to what you really are.

„Seit fast fünf Jahren gehe ich zum Kundalini-Yoga und fühle mich bei Karin und der netten Gruppe richtig wohl. Augen schließen entspannen, singen, chanten, meditieren und dynamische Bewegung. Manchmal an seine Grenzen kommen, aber mit Karins Motivation und verschiedene Atemtechniken durch den Schmerz gehen und so die Übungen durchstehen.
Nach dem Yoga fühle ich mich gleichzeitig gut entspannt und dennoch voll mit frischer Energie. Auffällig verbessert hat sich im Laufe der Zeit meine Atmung.”

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