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I am a nature lover, ceremonial space-holder, spiritual and energetic healer, kundalini yoga teacher, and love to sing. My gift is to accompany and support people on their spiritual journey through life, discovering their truth, potential and love. 

2011 the gate to the “spiritual realm” opened and changed my life completely. The sacred medicine from the Amazon and the highest form of Yoga became all of a sudden part of my life. In these changing and very growing times I met my teacher in the forest and experienced a deep sense of ‘coming home’, into my truth. Since then I travel to the Amazon year by year, curing, learning and finally committing with all of my heart to the path with the sacred plant spirits and continue to flow into the infinite mysteries of the universe, in the creative source of unconditional love.



  • Traditional knowledge and medicinal plants

  • Permaculture, community gardens, subsistence farming

  • Alchemy - Spagyric Seminar in Bergamo (June 2011)

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupressure and Energetic Work

  • Aesthetics and Consciousness of Space

  • Bio-Cultural Diversity and Agroforestry

  • Bachelor for Landscape Planning and -Architecture (BOKU Vienna)

  • Diploma Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering

  • Internship Arche Noah

  • Seasonal Technician in the Blumengärten Hirchstetten

  • Holistic Integrative Garden Design ~ Bin.der.Garten 2014

  • Kundalini Yoga TT 2014 (Amrit Nam Sarovar Int.Kundalini Yoga School France / Amar Das Austria)

  • Ancient Teachings of the Amazon - Traditional Ritual and Ceremonial Healing Work  (since 2011)

  • Annual trips to the Sacred Valley of the Peruvian Andes - Sacred Valley Tribe - San Pedro ceremonies - Q’ero Indians - Singing Circles, Kirtans and Mama Kakau

  • Meta-knowledge and Meral Work

  • Evei De Soi - Amrit Nam Sarovar International Kundalini Yoga School France

  • Sat Nam Rasayan Workshops

  • Magnified Healing© Practitioner since 2018

  • Santo Daime and Indigenous Tribes Huni Kuin / Yawanawa (Brazil / Acre)

  • Kambo Practitionar

  • Moondance Austria 2020



I honor and worship this sacred path with all of my heart to the medicine of the forests, the great spirit, the great mother, all her beings and instruments, for humanity, love and the awakening into a new consciousness. Thank you!

I give thanks to my heart teacher from the Peruvian Amazon, Ayahuasquero and Vegetalista Don Edilberto Vargas (Maestro Don Bechin), for sharing his wisdom, his divine lign, for his blessings, presence, his great shamanic teachings, his humor and all his family. Thanks to all my brothers and sisters for the common and uniting path, the love and growing times. Many thanks to all friends and companions, especially my family and ancestors, who support me on my way.

Life is a ceremony and a gift. I sing, pray and dance the sacred path, to live in harmony and loving-kindness within all that is.

Ayllu Masikunapaq, for all my relations

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